Lindanger was one of the first ocean going ships in the world capable of running on methanol. She was built at Hyundai Mipo in Ulsan, South Korea, and named on 18 april 2016. Lindanger has Bergen as her home port and is registered in the Norwegian International Ship register.


The vessel is powered by a MAN designed Hyundai–B&W 6G50ME-9.3 ME-LGI dual-fuel, two-stroke engine, that can alternate between methanol, fuel oil, marine diesel oil or gasoil. She has been given the additional class notation LFL FUELLED to demonstrate her compliance with DNV GL’s rules for low flash point marine fuels.

Methanol as fuel

Methanol is a clean-burning marine fuel and is a promising option for ships to meet the strict emission requirements in Emission Control Areas. Methanol is produced from natural gas but can also be produced through renewable sources such as biomass, agricultural and timber waste. Methanol is liquid in ambient air conditions and can be stored in conventional non-pressurized tanks.