The core business of the Westfal-Larsen group is to provide maritime transportation services
As a forward thinking organisation, we are proud to adapt to the latest innovations in technology and operational standards. With more than a century of experience within the shipping industry, Westfal-Larsen has acquired a solid position in a global market. We have personal and lasting relationships with our clients across the world.

With roots back to 1905, Westfal-Larsen has been operating for more than a century. Building on strong values, we have maintained solid position as a family-run company through four generations.

The key to our success lies in being adaptive and ahead of the industry, implementing new technology and supporting our staff with high-quality and constantly updated knowledge and skills.

We benefit by building long-lasting relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect. We are a highly specialised, fully integrated shipping company, and our clients can depend on our proven ability to seamlessly manage operations, both technically and commercially.

The Westfal-Larsen group is also engaged in real estate and technology.



As a fully-integrated shipping company, our core business is ownership of chemical tankers and open hatch dry cargo carriers, in addition to technical fleet management and commercial management.


Through its subsidiary J. Berstad Eiendom AS, Westfal-Larsen owns and manages several prime real estate properties in the Bergen region.


Westfal-Larsen is engaged in the development of high-performance ozone generators. Primozone Production AB develops, produces and sells ozone generators for water treatment.

Westfal-Larsen is involved in several activities.
Below you can find some examples.

Powered by methanol

Leikanger and Lindanger were delivered from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in 2016. The vessels are two of the world´s first vessels able to run on Methanol as fuel.

Property development

A major new property development project is in its final phase at Nøstet in Bergen. Planning permission has been granted.

Ozone Technology

The patented, cutting-edge technology behind the Primozone ozone generator is setting the standard for a new generation of ozone generators.